AMAZONAS Models for 1984
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Throughout 1983-84, a partner and I made a concerted effort to set up a Canadian distributorship for the AMAZONAS. As excited as we were with the project, we finally drew the conclusion that it was too impractical, given the red tape, communication difficulties and the low production numbers (600 units per year was the figure I had at the time; according to Greg Frasier, the total production was 450 bikes.) The factory ended up closing in 1990.

Would we have been left high and dry, or would our sales have helped to keep them afloat? I guess we'll never know. I think it was still a worthwhile exercise and I hope someday to meet somebody who did successfully import one into Canada.

As a souvenir, I still have my letters, pictures and brochures, the highlights of which form the basis for this site. I hope you find it entertaining and educational. Thanks for visiting and may you always keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down!

(1984 prices shown. All prices were fob: Sao Paulo, Brazil)

eSporte 1600
U.S. 4000.00
"A bike with a sporty look, surprisingly maneuverable, that eats up curves. The fishtail seat makes it easy to drive and keeps the biker's back in erect position. A special bike for special bikers."

superEsporte 1600
U.S. 4000.00
"A big bike with a great look. The high back makes the jump seat safer; the lower front part of the seat gives good position for driving and greater safety. You won't go unnoticed."
Turismo 1600
U.S. 4500.00
"A more companionable line of bike. Ideal for long trips, with such highly useful accessories as side bags, baggage racks and windshield. Its highly anatomical seat gives comfort, safety and good steering. A touring bike for those who tour."
Policial 1600
U.S. 5500.00
"Its size gives an imposing appearance. It's the toughest bike ever seen. It has easy steering and takes the curves with stability. The seat is anatomically perfect, and it has fishtail and large baggage rack for installation of radio transmitter, giroflex, etc.
Better durability with greater performance."

Click HERE to see a full size image of this brochure.

Another rendition of the Police & Military model.

Publicity photo of 84 Amazonas eSporte in white.